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Meet Stephanie H. Lee L.Ac., Ph.D.


Clinic Director of Advanced Acupuncture, a Master's from South Baylo University, doctorate in Asian Medicine.  

Specializing in the following areas :

      - Pain Reduction and Management

      - Migraines and Headaches

      - Neck and Spinal Problems (Cervical, Lower Back, Sciatica)

      - Infertility and Reproductive Issues

      - Asthman and Other Respiratory Ailments

      - Weight Loss Therapy

      - Gastro-Intestinal Disease

      - Facial Rejuvenation

      - Allergies and plantar fasciitis

      - Hand acupuncture (Soo Ji Chim)

Eisenhower Medical Center Allied Healthcare Care Physician


I have a herniated disk in my neck with a severe pinched nerve. I was referred to .....

Acupuncture is Practiced based on the "Pattern of disharmony" and treating accordingly.
We are committed to Focusing on Acupuncture Wellness

- Acupuncture (Korean, Chinese, Five Element, Electroacupuncture)

- Eastern Herbal Medicine

- Manual Therapy and Massage

- SHL Heat Theray and Moxibustion

- Spinal Adjustment Exercise

- Infrared Therapy

- Cupping